A new creek bridge for Faversham

Restoring Faversham's swing bridge is not just needed to help people get around the town, it's also vital for regeneration work around the creek. 

As an ancient market town - and proud member of the Cinque Ports - it's high time we had this bridge back in working order.


Stop Lenham Heath Development

I'm shocked at the scale of the Lenham Heath 'garden village' being proposed by Maidstone Borough Council and concerned about how close it is to villages nearby.

Save Graveney Marshes

I’m worried that plans for a solar farm will cover Graveney marshes, harming wildlife and changing the landscape beyond recognition. Though the developer has listened to concerns and reduced the scale, it’s still huge.

A good school place for every child

Our children deserve the best education this country has to offer. We have many excellent and good schools in Kent, but it’s becoming harder for those schools to maintain the standard of education they are offering because of the way they are funded nationally.

Housing without harming the countryside

We need affordable housing for the next generation and development to boost growth and create jobs - but in the right places. I don't want to see the countryside concreted over and villages ruined.

A strong local economy

Businesses are the engine of the economy and we need successful local businesses to provide local jobs. There are clear signs that the economy is going in the right direction with more jobs in the UK than ever before. Locally, unemployment has halved since 2010 despite the squeeze on the public sector.

Standing up for Kent's farmers

Farming is at the heart of rural life in Faversham and Mid Kent - and it’s crucial to our tourism and food and drink industries. But it’s a tough business, so speaking up for farmers is an important part of my job.

Ban lorry fly-parking

Lorries parking on residential roads, lay-bys, verges and other inappropriate places is a blight on parts of Kent. I'm campaigning for more parking spaces and tougher fines when drivers break the rules.

Better roads to keep Kent moving

Traffic on some of our roads - particularly at Brenley Corner - is out of control. With 1000s of new houses being built it will only get worse. The consequences of inadequate infrastructure were powerfully demonstrated in Summer 2015 when Operation Stack caused total chaos. That's why I'm campaigning for improvements to Kent's roads.

Faster broadband and better mobile coverage

Superfast broadband is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Whether you’re running a business, staying in touch with family, doing homework or paying your bills, a quick and reliable internet connection is essential. But parts of Kent, particularly rural areas, are getting left behind. I'm campaigning for superfast broadband for every home and business in Faversham and Mid Kent.