My Plan

My Plan for Faversham and Mid Kent

  • Stronger and safer communities

    Local communities were at the heart of responding to the coronavirus pandemic with people checking on neighbours and forming mutual aid groups.

  • A greener and cleaner place to live

    We have some beautiful countryside in Faversham and Mid Kent, from the rolling North Downs to the marshes around Faversham.

    I will always stand up for Kent’s farmers, and work with all of our local land managers in helping to create an environment where nature can thrive.

  • Keeping Kent moving

    Whether it’s the school run or commute to work, travel is part of life for many of us. I’m determined to help make these daily journeys better for people in Faversham and Mid Kent.

  • Helping people stay healthy and well

    Looking after our physical and mental health is so important. I’m using my experience of working in hospitals before going into politics to help deliver better healthcare for people in Faversham and Mid Kent.