Help for local businesses to grow

Almost everywhere you look, Faversham and Mid Kent is teeming with brilliant businesses who we could be doing more to help grow. 

In never ceases to amaze me how many diverse businesses we have locally. From farms to foundries, health tech to rocket manufacturers. Possibly the only thing they have in common is how tough they've found the last few years. Brexit uncertainty, covid, and inflation have given businesses lots to think about besides expanding.

But now we're heading out the other side, we've got to start to get businesses thinking about growing again. 

Taking that next step can often be a challenge - whether it’s barriers to trade, changes to local and national policy, or finding the right skills. I want to work to help bridge these gaps, with support from our local councils and government ministers. When I was a minister in the Treasury I spent a huge amount of time looking at this, and how getting it right leads to more jobs and a stronger local economy.

In the coming weeks I'm going to be surveying businesses locally about the barriers they're facing - but in the meantime I'd love to hear from you if you've got something specific I could be doing to help.


Chancellor cuts taxes for business and families

As a Conservative I believe in low taxes.

I think the best place for people's money is in their pocket, and the same goes for businesses too. They invest it in clever and exciting things to grow our economy, and create a bigger overall pie to fund our public services. 

A new banking hub in Faversham

Last week I visited the newly opened banking counter at Faversham Post Office.

It's a huge boost for the town, after losing Lloyds, Barclays, and NatWest in the last two years. That left Nationwide as the only branch still open in the town.

Nominating my Community Pub Hero

We have such a wonderful tradition of pubs being at the centre of our communities – nowhere more so than here in Faversham and Mid Kent.

Meeting my MP HERo

Last week I met my MP HERo Denise Kesson in Parliament.

MP HERoes lets MPs nominate female entrepreneurs in their constituency for outstanding achievements or successes, and earlier this year I nominated Denise.

Jobcentre events arrive in Faversham

I've been campaigning for years to get a Jobcentre outreach post in Faversham. 

For some residents, getting to the Jobcentre in Sittingbourne often created the very same barriers that were making it hard to get into work.

Maidstone Job Centre Plus turns one

Getting people into work is incredibly important.

It’s the best way to help people get on in life, support businesses, and grow our economy.

It's time to go for growth


Today the Chancellor announced a bold set of measures to get our economy growing - something that's vital to improving people’s standard of living, as well as funding public services. 

Launching my business newsletter

I’ve launched a new quarterly newsletter for businesses in Faversham and Mid Kent.

I’m starting these updates in addition to my surgeries, meetings and visits - to keep local businesses up to date on what's going on, both at a national level and here in the constituency.