Help for local businesses to grow

Almost everywhere you look, Faversham and Mid Kent is teeming with brilliant businesses who we could be doing more to help grow. 

In never ceases to amaze me how many diverse businesses we have locally. From farms to foundries, health tech to rocket manufacturers. Possibly the only thing they have in common is how tough they've found the last few years. Brexit uncertainty, covid, and inflation have given businesses lots to think about besides expanding.

But now we're heading out the other side, we've got to start to get businesses thinking about growing again. 

Taking that next step can often be a challenge - whether it’s barriers to trade, changes to local and national policy, or finding the right skills. I want to work to help bridge these gaps, with support from our local councils and government ministers. When I was a minister in the Treasury I spent a huge amount of time looking at this, and how getting it right leads to more jobs and a stronger local economy.

With that in mind please find below my 2024 survey for local business - I'd love to hear from you if you've got something specific I could be doing to help.

Helen's 2024 business survey

What sector is your business in?
How long have you been trading?
Do you feel that your business is fully consulted on local matters?
Would you be interested in joining a forum for local businesses to create a unified voice?
If possible, would you like to grow your business?
If yes, which of the following do you feel are barriers to that? (You can select more than 1)
Since the coronavirus pandemic, do you feel that footfall in your local area has:


Backing our local farmers

Ever since I have been an MP I have banged the drum for farming and the rural economy. It’s part of our history and our heritage; it generates jobs and investment locally; and it puts Great British food on people’s plate.

Let's back local businesses

Where would we be without businesses? They grow our food, harness ideas that make our lives better, and generate the tax that pays for our public services – and that’s just the start.

A message for Small Business Saturday 2023

I’ve been out and about visiting some of our wonderful local businesses in the last few weeks.

They’re so valuable to our local economy and communities, and Christmas is such an important time for them. Please do get out and support them if you can.

Chancellor cuts taxes for business and families

As a Conservative I believe in low taxes.

I think the best place for people's money is in their pocket, and the same goes for businesses too. They invest it in clever and exciting things to grow our economy, and create a bigger overall pie to fund our public services. 

A new banking hub in Faversham

Last week I visited the newly opened banking counter at Faversham Post Office.

It's a huge boost for the town, after losing Lloyds, Barclays, and NatWest in the last two years. That left Nationwide as the only branch still open in the town.

Nominating my Community Pub Hero

We have such a wonderful tradition of pubs being at the centre of our communities – nowhere more so than here in Faversham and Mid Kent.

Meeting my MP HERo

Last week I met my MP HERo Denise Kesson in Parliament.

MP HERoes lets MPs nominate female entrepreneurs in their constituency for outstanding achievements or successes, and earlier this year I nominated Denise.