Protecting Graveney Marshes

I’m worried that plans for a solar farm will cover Graveney marshes, harming wildlife and changing the landscape beyond recognition. 

Solar energy is important for a sustainable, green future – but this is just massive. With 880,000 panels, it will industrialise swathes of open countryside. This beautiful, eerie landscape loved by walkers might never be the same again.

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A greener and cleaner place to live

We have some beautiful countryside in Faversham and Mid Kent, from the rolling North Downs to the marshes around Faversham.

I will always stand up for Kent’s farmers, and work with all of our local land managers in helping to create an environment where nature can thrive.


Not long left to save Graveney Marshes

The campaign to save Graveney Marshes has entered a crucial stage.

The Business Secretary is due to make a decision by the end of May on whether to grant permission to the Cleve Hill solar plant, which would cover 900 acres of the North Kent coast with industrial solar panels.

Solar power station will industrialise swathes of marshland

Cleve Hill Solar have launched their application process to build a solar power plant on 387.6 hectares of Graveney Marshes. I spoke out against the scheme at the GREAT (Graveney Rural Envirnmental Action Team) meeting at the Guildhall in December.