Ban lorry fly-parking

In parts of Kent, lorries fill every lay-by, line up on the hard shoulder of slip roads, crawl onto the verges of country lanes and tuck themselves away in housing estates. None of these places have facilities for drivers, so there’s littering and fouling of verges & hedges with human waste. Residents nearby are understandably upset, and it’s pretty bad for the drivers themselves.

Along with making sure there are enough parking spaces for lorries, we need drivers to actually use them. Though lorry drivers report their frustration at the lack of parking and facilities, some may still be tempted to park-up on the roadside for convenience or to save money. This means we need effective enforcement and meaningful penalties.



Another step towards ending lorry fly-parking

Lorry fly-parking has blighted communities across Kent for far too long.

Lorries parked in lay-bys or slip roads can be hugely dangerous to motorists and pedestrians.

Setting up a Lorry Watch scheme in your area

Too many communities are still blighted by lorries thundering through villages and narrow roads.

This is a serious problem – HGVs using unsuitable roads is putting people at risk.

Fix lorry fly-parking to make roads safer

I called a debate about lorry parking in the House of Commons, to urge the Government to build more lorry parks and introduce tougher rules to make sure drivers use them.

I said: "

We must have more lorry parking spaces to make Kent's roads safer

Three people were killed and a man injured in the horrific accident on the A2 last week and my thoughts are with their families and friends.

Sincere thanks to the emergency services who attended the crash and have been doing their best for the survivor.

Fly-parking fines increased

Fly-parking lay-bys is dangerous and horrible for lorry drivers. So I’m pleased that the Government has listened to me and increased fines for illegally parked lorries. This will mean that the local council is no longer being left out-of-pocket for clamping more lorries.

Illegally parked lorries to be clamped and fined

Kent County Council and Ashford Borough Council are clamping down on illegally parked HGVs, following my campaign for a ban on fly-parking.

The new scheme being launched today will allow authorities to clamp and fine drivers, for first time offences.

£300 fine for lorry drivers sleeping in lay-bys

The Government is introducing £300 spot fines for lorry drivers who sleep in their cabs for two night in a row.

Under EU rules, drivers must take a weekly break that averages 45 hours.

Fly-parking: Minister pledges action

The Roads Minister John Hayes has issued a written statement to the House of Commons, putting in record his commitment to tackling fly-parking.

Freight Action Plan launched

I welcomed measures to stop lorries fly-parking in residential roads included in Kent County Council’s Freight Action Plan.