Progress on PIP assessment recording

People who have disabilities often tell me that being assessed for a Personal Independence Payment, to help with the extra cost of living they face, is a stressful experience and sometimes they don't agree with the outcome.

We must have more lorry parking spaces to make Kent's roads safer

Three people were killed and a man injured in the horrific accident on the A2 last week and my thoughts are with their families and friends.

Sincere thanks to the emergency services who attended the crash and have been doing their best for the survivor.

Fly-parking fines increased

Fly-parking lay-bys is dangerous and horrible for lorry drivers. So I’m pleased that the Government has listened to me and increased fines for illegally parked lorries. This will mean that the local council is no longer being left out-of-pocket for clamping more lorries.

Storm Eleanor: What to do if there's a power cut

Bad weather is expected over the next few days as a result of Storm Eleanor. I have received the following information from UK PowerNetworks on what to do if there's a powercut:


No going back to the Summer of Stack

Do you remember the Summer of Stack? For 32 days in 2015 Kent ground to a halt, with Operation Stack turning the M20 turned into a giant lorry park because of disruption at the Channel crossings.