Solar Farm: I'm shocked at the scale of the proposal

I am shocked by the scale of the proposal to build a huge solar farm at Cleve Hill, covering Graveney marshes with panels. I am keen to see more of our energy coming from renewable sources, and I welcome clean, cheap, unsubsidised energy.

New school MUST open by 2019

Every child deserves the chance to go to a good school – and preferably a good school close to home. We have some fantastic local schools but with more school-age children, there’s increasing competition for places.

Should PIP assessments be recorded?

People often tell me that being assessed for Personal Independence Payment is an extremely stressful. In my view, recording these assessments could help ease the stress, and provide crucial evidence when the outcome of these assessments is disputed.

How to restart a heart

Every second counts when someone is having a heart attack. That's why I learned how to do life-saving CPR as part of British Heart Foundation [BHF], St John Ambulance and British Red Cross's Restart A Heart Day.

Make broadband accessible for all

I back the the Government's plans to put access to broadband on the same legal footing as other essential services like water and electricity. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport ran a consultation asking for people's views on how this policy will work which I responded to.

No more houses without investment in infrastructure

Sajid Javid has announced changes to the way planning authorities calculate how many homes they need to build in their area.

For Maidstone these changes mean an increase in the housing target from 883 to 1,236 more houses a year, for Swale it's going up from 776 to 1,054 .

"68 more carriages for Southeastern" says Transport Secretary

I'm delighted that the Transport Secretary Chris Grayling announced today that Southeastern commuters will benefit from 68 additional carriages. This will mean that there will be 5000 more seats on busy peak time trains, helping to reduce overcrowding.