Green spaces are good for mental health

Living near a green space is good for physical and mental health, but people in the most deprived areas of the country are the least likely to have access to the natural environment.

We must do more for young people's mental health

Last week was A-Level results week, a time of celebration and the start of an exciting new chapter for many school-leavers. Congratulations! But there aren’t prizes for everyone. It’s easy to forget that while some are celebrating A grades, there are others coping with disappointment.

Do we need a Leeds-Langley Relief Road?

Driving down Willington Street you can’t help but notice it’s peppered with WILLact signs calling for a Leeds-Langley relief road. Every household I canvassed in South Maidstone and nearby villages during the election supported a new road too.

A productive economy is the way to pay for public sector pay rise

In the last few weeks I’ve received hundreds of emails about public sector pay and I’ve spoken to nurses, teachers and police officers directly. I want to see public sector workers paid fairly – a decent amount for the work they do, and enough to pay the bills.  

It shouldn't take a fire like Grenfell to make us pay attention

The death toll from the awful fire at Grenfell Tower is still rising, and the unanswered questions are piling up. How did it happen in Britain today? Could more lives be at risk from unsafe tower blocks? Are safety regulations strong enough? How do we get justice for the victims?