Budget boost for Brenley Corner

We’re a step further to finally fixing the problems at Brenley Corner.

The junction has been included in the Government’s second Road Investment Strategy – securing funds for an improvement scheme to be developed.

The announcement follows last week’s Budget, which provided £27.4 billion to invest in the country’s strategic road network.

I met the Roads Minister, Baroness Vere, ahead of the Budget to call for Brenley Corner to be included in the latest round of road improvements. I’m pleased the Government has recognised the need for improvement at this junction and has pledged money to find a solution to the current problems.

The decision means that funds will be provided to develop a proposal for improvement at Brenley Corner. This means an improvement scheme will be ready to enter the third Road Investment Strategy (RIS3), which is due to start in 2025.

I’ve written to the Roads Minister to ask for funding to develop a proposal at Brenley Corner to be ring-fenced, and for work on a proposal to start as soon as possible.

Improvements at this junction are long overdue so there is no time to waste. The end of the queues is finally in sight.