Brenley bottleneck needs fixing once and for all

I’ve stepped up calls to improve Brenley Corner.

Earlier this week I met the Roads Minister, Baroness Vere, to stress the need for improvement at this junction, which links the A2 with the M2.

Investment in Brenley Corner is long overdue. People are tired of sitting in queues on the A2 between Faversham and Canterbury, watching the traffic crawl slowly towards the roundabout.

With more money going into road improvements, now is the time to sort out the problems with this junction.

I’ve made a strong case to the Roads Minister about the need for investment at Brenley Corner, and I’m pleased she recognises the force of the case. The Government’s second Road Investment Strategy (RIS2) is due to be published later this year, and I would like to see Brenley included in this.

As well as making life better for commuters and parents on the school run, investment in Brenley Corner is needed for keeping freight flowing through Kent. It’s a strategically important part of the road network, linking the Channel ports with the rest of the country, so it should be high up the list of funding priorities.

Let’s fix this notorious bottleneck once and for all.