Budget 2020

This Budget delivers on people’s priorities.

Right now, one of those priorities is responding to Covid-19.

Along with the £5 billion response fund for the NHS and public services, we’re also improving access to statutory sick pay and introducing a hardship fund to support local authorities.

We’re going further than any other country to support people and businesses in these challenging times.

But this Budget is far more than a response to Covid-19 – It’s a response to the Government’s commitment to level-up investment across our country.

This Budget will put more money into our schools, police, and NHS.

Crucially, it will invest £5.4 billion to support the recruitment, retraining and retaining of 50,000 more nurses, including a new nursing maintenance grant for all nursing students.

There’s also money to support the rollout of super-fast broadband, provide better flood defences, and fix potholes in our roads.

And there’s good news for Brenley Corner. The M2/A2 junction has been included in the next round of national road improvement schemes (RIS3). We’re a step closer to fixing this notorious bottleneck once and for all.

Increases to the National Living Wage and National Insurance threshold mean people will have more money in their pocket after paying the bills.

With freezes to the duty on fuel, wine, and beer, people should feel the difference.

This Budget is good for people and businesses in Kent. It’s also a further step to making us prepared as a country for the challenges that lie ahead.