More money for social care in Kent

An extra £1.6 billion is being provided by the Government to local authorities to help them respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

Councils and volunteer groups are playing a crucial role in our response to the coronavirus.

Lenham Heath ‘garden village’ will cause traffic chaos

I’ve called on Maidstone councillors to reject plans for 5,000 new homes at Lenham Heath.

The proposed development will put even more pressure on local roads without necessarily providing the homes local people need.

Debt write-off for hospitals to tackle coronavirus

Now more than ever, money needs to be spent where it’s most needed in the health service.

I’m pleased the Government has decided to write off £13.4 billion of debt from NHS providers across England, freeing them up to invest in vital services.

Setting up a Lorry Watch scheme in your area

Too many communities are still blighted by lorries thundering through villages and narrow roads.

This is a serious problem – HGVs using unsuitable roads is putting people at risk.

Give a hand on the land

This year we need more British people to help bring home the harvest.

Kent produces some of the best fruit and vegetables around, but farms require thousands of seasonal workers to pick crops in our fields and orchards.

Bringing British Nationals home

Coronavirus is a global pandemic. It requires an international response and the Government is stepping up to this challenge.

The UK’s international strategy has four main strands:

Not long left to save Graveney Marshes

The campaign to save Graveney Marshes has entered a crucial stage.

The Business Secretary is due to make a decision by the end of May on whether to grant permission to the Cleve Hill solar plant, which would cover 900 acres of the North Kent coast with industrial solar panels.

Decent broadband for everyone

Every home and business in the UK now has the legal right to a decent, affordable broadband connection.

Whilst progress has been made in rolling out broadband, there are still too many people left behind so this is welcome news.