We need a better way to cross the A2 in Faversham

A new crossing in Faversham is needed more than ever.

If we want more people to walk and cycle, we need to make our roads safer – which includes having accessible crossing places.

We’ve seen progress on this in some places already, like the improved access at Brenley Corner, but there are many other roads that need improving.

It cannot be right that a 1970s concrete bridge is the only way for people to cross the A2 in Faversham. For people with buggies or bicycles it’s simply not practical.

I’ve been working with local campaigners to get a new ground-levelling on the A2 near the Abbey School to make it easier and safer to cross the road.

I’m disappointed that Kent County Council has rejected the current proposal for a new ground-level crossing at this site. Safety concerns with a new crossing need to be considered, but KCC also need to recognise the risks of not having an accessible crossing place here.

I’ve seen mums with buggies darting across the road, narrowly missing cars. This cannot continue. We need to be on the front foot in making it easier and safer for people to walk and cycle.

I’m committed to working with KCC and local campaigners to find a way forward. Let’s use this moment to make our roads safer for everyone.

*Photo taken before social distancing measures came into force