Solar power station will industrialise swathes of marshland

Cleve Hill Solar have launched their application process to build a solar power plant on 387.6 hectares of Graveney Marshes. I spoke out against the scheme at the GREAT (Graveney Rural Envirnmental Action Team) meeting at the Guildhall in December. 

I support renewable energy, but this is different - such a huge solar park plant in this open landscape would be devastating for the environment. It would industrialise a swathe of marshland and farmland the size of Faversham, covering it with black solar panels the height of a double decker bus. Not only would that be hideous for residents and walkers, there’s also a risk to rare birds such as brent geese which feed in the area. It’s adjacent to the Swale Special Protection Area, but unfortunately that doesn’t extend across the fields where they plan to put the panels. This is not going to be an easy battle to win. Full credit to the GREAT campaign team for all they are doing to oppose the development.”

The proposal will be examined by the Planning Inspectorate. If you wish to comment on the proposals, you will need to register to become an Interested Party from Wednesday 19 December 2018 until 28 January 2019 at this site:  This will enable you to provide written feedback during the pre-examination phase, which is likely to last approximately 3 months.