Securing the future of Faversham’s Magna Carta

Faversham’s Magna Carta dates from 1300 and is one of the town’s most important treasures.

I’m delighted to be supporting plans for this ancient document to be put on permanent display in Faversham so it can be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

After all these years, it’s time to give our copy of Magna Carta a home where it can be looked after safely and made more accessible to people.

The proposals being developed by Faversham Town Council are for a permanent display and exhibition area in the ground floor of 12 Market Place. The Council has my full support for this, and I’m pleased to be helping with fundraising work for the project.

I was shocked last year to discover that the Council had considered a possible sale or long-term loan of Faversham’s Magna Carta.

I’m pleased that Councillors have listened to people’s concerns and are now focusing efforts on displaying this 700 year old document for people to appreciate and study.

The idea of a permanent display has been around for a long time. This project is the result of many years of hard work by many people. It’s time to finally make it happen.