£1 billion to be invested in Broadband

The UK is already a world leader in superfast broadband coverage, but the country is falling behind on the rollout of full-fibre. Full-fibre is the future of broadband, helping people to share ever-more digital content faster.

That’s why the government will introduce this new fund to bring better broadband connections to two million more homes and businesses. We will also fund a further rollout of fibre broadband networks, prioritising faster connections for business to help build a more productive economy for all. In a major boost for the next wave of mobile technology, the government will also fund a new programme of fibre and 5G trials, which has the capacity to transform communications on the move.

This will provide the world-class digital infrastructure that the UK needs to deliver improved broadband and mobile connections across the country. World-class connectivity will cement the UK’s position as a leading digital economy, act as a major driver of local jobs and give households across the country faster broadband. It also demonstrates that Britain remains open for business and that we continue to be an outward looking, world-leading nation.