Maidstone Local Plan must reduce traffic

Reducing congestion on roads needs to be the focus for our new Local Plan in Maidstone.

The new Local Plan will set out planning policy in Maidstone for the next 20 years and should focus on improving quality of life for local people.

This must include tackling the horrendous traffic problems in Maidstone – people don’t want to spend hours stuck in traffic jams, waiting at junctions and roundabouts.

New housing and new infrastructure need to go hand in hand. Along with roads, schools and surgeries, this must also include fibre broadband, electric vehicle charging points, and solar panels, to make sure these new homes are fit for modern life.

We also need to focus on building the type of homes local people need. There is concern that developers are not building the homes we need for local families.

The proposal for a garden village has come out of the blue. Whilst I’m not against the idea in principle, I am concerned about the proposal to locate this at Lenham Heath. A development this size needs to be in right place with existing access to road and rail links.


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