Lifts at Faversham station to be fixed at last

The lifts at Faversham station break down all the time – they seem to be out of order more often than they are actually working. It makes life very difficult for disabled passengers, those with luggage and parents with pushchairs.

I’ve been lobbying to get the lifts fixed, and brought them up at meeting with the train operator, Network Rail and the Department of Transport.

There’s a committed group of local campaigners who’ve been calling for this too. So I was really pleased to get a call for SouthEastern to tell me that funding has been made available to get them fixed.

SouthEastern told me that the Department of Transport has directed them to allocate part of its repairs budget to mending the lifts

This will make a real difference to people who use the train and make Faversham more accessible for everyone  – I’m glad I was able to help.