Fly-parking solution 'in three to five years'

The Government is developing a national plan to tackle HGV fly-parking, with more parking spaces in private truck stops in the next three to five years.

The announcement follows my campaign to ban lorries from parking in inappropriate places.

Speaking in a House of Commons debate, the Roads Minister John Hayes said: "I have looked closely at [fly-parking] and have recently held two round-table summits on HGVs with large numbers of people from the sector to explore what more can be done, because I am determined that more can be done.

It is absolutely right that we work with local authorities to take further steps to make that kind of parking, which I know causes such concern... a thing of the past; I intend to say more about that soon.

I want to develop a national plan, as was recommended in this debate, for good and sufficient overnight lorry parking, to ensure that we provide lorry drivers with the facilities they need and that inconsiderately or illegally parked lorries do not blight local communities—and I want to do it quickly.

On the back of our discussions and the overtures made to me by hon. Members, my ambition is to identify how all the significant gaps in overnight lorry parking provision in England can be filled and for private provision to be made available as soon as possible, certainly over the next three to five years.​"