More GP and dentist appointments

Seeing a GP should be easy, but for lots of people locally it hasn’t felt that way since the pandemic - and the same goes for seeing an NHS dentist.

That’s why I’m teaming up with our local GPs, dentists and pharmacies to help increase the number of appointments locally, backed up by exciting government reforms. 

GPs are working harder than ever at the moment - delivering 10% more appointments than before the pandemic - and if we want to increase capacity further, we've got to change the way we do things.

That's why earlier this year we launched the Primary Care Recovery Plan. It's modernising the way we do primary care, with new tech, less bureaucracy, and a bigger role for community pharmacists - including allowing them for the first time ever to prescribe some medicines. 

It's going to be followed soon by the Dental Recovery Plan, setting out similar steps to make sure people can access the dental care they need in future.

As these are rolled out I'm going to be meeting pharmacists, our local NHS, and GPs themselves to discuss how these changes are going, what I can do to help, and where local people have concerns. Click on the links below to find out what I've been up to.

And finally, if you've been struggling to see your local GP, or have an issue with an NHS dentist - please do let me know. While I might not be able to solve it overnight, the data on where the issues are is going to be a huge help as we work on this.


Learning to live with Covid

For the past 18 months our lives have been determined by Covid. It has cancelled plans, pushed businesses to the brink, and taken loved ones from us.

While the pandemic is far from over, our phenomenal vaccine rollout has put us in a position where we can learn to live with the virus.

Kent medical school becomes a reality

It was great to join the Vice Chancellors of Canterbury Christchurch University and the University of Kent for a tour of the new STEM building in Canterbury.

Extra £3 million to tackle domestic abuse in Kent

Kent County Council is getting £3.1 million to provide support to victims of domestic abuse and their children.

This is part of a £125 million fund set up to support local authorities in England with their new obligations to support abuse victims.

Have your say on how to tackle violence against women

It’s a painful reality that violence and abuse against women and girls continues to be a problem in some parts of society.

I’m glad the Government is updating our Violence Against Women and Girls strategy to make sure we’re doing everything we can to end these crimes.

Coronavirus local contacts page

Councillors and volunteers are playing a crucial role in our response to the coronavirus.

I’ve been truly impressed at the scale and speed of the response here in Faversham and Mid Kent, from our County Council to parishes and community groups, charities and local businesses.