Restore Faversham Station to its Victorian glory

Faversham station sets the scene when you arrive in the town, whether you’re a tourist or a commuter getting home after a long day in the office. It used to be a source of pride, but in recent decades it has become increasingly dilapidated. It’s not like it’s falling into disuse – on the contrary, footfall went up 60,000 last year.

That is why I’m supporting the Faversham Society who have long campaigned for the station to be restored. I want the next franchise owner to do more than maintain the building: let’s see it restored to its former glory as a gateway to the town we can be proud of. Previously I've organised a series of meetings between myself, rail representatives and the Faversham Society in order to put the issue on the agenda. 

This month, I've written to the Rail Minister, Andrew Jones MP, to make sure that the next rail operator will have to restore the Grade II listed building, as well as improve services. 

This has been an excellent, locally-led campaign and I'm proud to be supporting it. Lets hope we get the station restored to its Victorian glory!