Women: Make your self heard by standing for election

Friday, 6th July 2018

Standing for election was the best decision I ever made, after saying yes when my husband proposed. Being an MP means that I can help people and influence policies that will change our country for the better. The numbers of female MPs are growing, but there are still too few of us. There are also too few female County Council and Borough Council members.

I'm holding a reception in Lenham for all women and girls interested in public life. The meeting is open to women irrespective of party affiliation. It will be an opportunity to talk to me and other women in politics about what it takes to stand for election, whether for Parliament or for local council.

Too many women I know have thought about standing for election, but found a reason not to, or put it off for another day. Too many more women haven’t even thought about it, though they would be brilliant. In this centenary year of female suffrage, now is the time to seize the moment!

If you would like to attend please email jenny.whittle@parliament.uk