Finish resurfacing Brenley Corner!

It's great that Brenley Corner has been resurfaced and so many of the dreadful potholes fixed - but the job is one half done! I wrote to Highways England asking why, and received this reply, saying that it is due to "a delay with design planning".

Headcorn's mobile 'notspots' revealed

Headcorn has a timeless charm, but that doesn’t mean it’s stuck in the past. Though sometimes, when struggling to make a call or send an email in the village, it can feel like you’re back in the last century.

Countdown to Brexit

In 284 days Britain will leave the EU. Last week Parliament debated a Bill that will make sure that when the sun rises in 284 days’ time businesses can carry on operating, workers will have the same rights, and consumers will be protected by the same regulations.

What to do when your house is flooded

After a dry couple of weeks, the forecast of rain seemed a good thing for gardens and fields. As the children and I watched the road outside our house turn into a river, it still all seemed part of the fun. Then the water started coming in the back door, and we began bailing and mopping.