Lets #EndFGM

I recently spoke in the FGM debate, here's what I said: 



I am going to read out the story of a 14-year-old girl who now lives in the UK and who I will call Aminah, although I warn hon. Members that it might not make for very comfortable listening. She says:


OFSTED should consider pupils' wellbeing and mental health

Three children in every classroom have a diagnosable mental disorder and over half of mental health problems start by the age of 14. That means that schools have a crucial role in identifying children in need of help, and getting them that help.

Restore Faversham Station to its Victorian glory

Faversham station sets the scene when you arrive in the town, whether you’re a tourist or a commuter getting home after a long day in the office. It used to be a source of pride, but in recent decades it has become increasingly dilapidated.

We can’t go back to Operation Stack

We thought we’d seen the back of Operation Stack, but Kent once again ground to a halt last week – this time because of bad weather. It was a grim reminder of 2015, with short journeys taking hours, children unable to get to school and businesses losing money.

This week's Brexit votes

This week Parliament will be voting again on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal. Since the referendum, my guiding principle has been to honour the referendum result while being mindful of individuals and businesses who are worried they will lose out through Brexit.

Seasonal agriculture workers' pilot scheme launched

A pilot scheme to enable non-EU migrant workers to work on British farms has launched today.

I've been arguing for years that fruit farmers need to know they will be able to hire the workers they need, whatever happens with Brexit. This is a step in the right direction.

Finish roadworks earlier to prevent traffic horrorshow

We know from experience how bad it can be when the M20 shuts down all night. Back in November there was a week of dreadful delays caused by overnight closures – with children missing lessons and businesses losing money from late deliveries and people not getting to work on time.

MPs must come together so we can get on with Brexit

The constituency and the country voted to Leave and I have been supporting the Prime Minister to get on with the job of taking us out of the EU. The negotiations have been difficult – which we always knew they were going to be.