Women in Westminster: The 100

I’m delighted to have made the list of the top 100 women in Westminster.

With a record 220 female Members of Parliament taking their seats in Parliament after the 2019 General Election, and the proportion reaching 34%, the highest of either Chamber to date, there is much to celebrate. But there is still a long way still to go on gender equality in Westminster and across the country.

We need to go further in closing the gender pay gap, making flexible working the norm, and ending pregnancy discrimination.

Women in Westminster: The 100 celebrates the achievements and the valuable role women play in public life, by recognising one hundred high profile women from the world of Westminster. The 2020 list can be found here.

Women still face a number of challenges, both inside and outside of Westminster, but we shouldn’t lose sight of the huge strides made in recent years, and the remarkable women at the forefront of this country.

I hope this list will inspire the next generation of women to begin their journey, and those at the start to continue the work they are doing, and that we see many of them featured on The 100 in years to come.