We’re getting safer roads in Faversham

After years of campaigning, I’m delighted that a town-wide 20mph speed zone in Faversham will soon become a reality.

The scheme is one of several projects benefiting from a new £1.6 million fund awarded to Kent County Council from the Government to encourage walking and cycling.

This is really good news for the town. The benefits of a lower speed limit are clear - safer roads, cleaner air, and better quality of life.

Lower speeds are crucial for making Faversham a better place to walk and cycle.

Many people have experienced the benefits of walking and cycling during lockdown. We have a unique moment now, to make a permanent shift towards greener and healthier forms of travel.

This will not be possible for everyone. But it should encourage more people to make their journeys around the town on bike or foot.

The A2 is not included in the scheme and studies have shown that reducing speed limits from 30 to 20mph have little impact on journey time.

Work to put up new 20mph signs and road markings is due to start within the next four weeks and be substantially completed by August.

This is another important step in making Faversham a greener town.


*photo taken before social distancing measures came into force