We need to find a way forward on Stockbury junction

People are fed up of sitting in queues on the M2 Junction 5. The junction badly needs upgrading to cope with the volume of traffic.

Highways England came up with a plan to improve this junction last year, which had widespread support.

Like Stockbury Parish Council, I support the scheme but also want to see problems with access to the village resolved.

The proposal for a flyover will mean vehicles will be travelling faster along the A249, making current crossing points unsafe. An alternative means of access, for example a bridge or an underpass, is needed to prevent Stockbury from becoming cut off.

The Transport Secretary has set up a public inquiry to consider the proposals and make recommendations on the best way to improve the junction. The inquiry is due to start on 28 April and will last for eight days.

Anyone is welcome to attend the proceedings but if you wish to make an objection, declare support or have specific questions, you should contact the Inspector by 5 April. Details can be found here.

Following the inquiry, the Inspector will submit a report and recommendations to the Transport Secretary. A final decision on the junction is expected in July.