An update on policing in Headcorn

More regular patrols by police officers in Headcorn are already having an impact.

I was back in the village last Friday (7 February) for a meeting with the police and local councillors to see if action to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour is having an impact.

I’m encouraged to hear that things seem to have improved since our last meeting in November. Local parish councils say progress is being made and people feel safer out and about.

Headcorn is a fantastic village with so much going for it, so this is really good news.

The increase police presence is part of a county wide drive to recruit new officers. We’re getting an extra 597 police officers in Kent over the next two years and Maidstone is getting five dedicated police officers. This frees up officers to patrol our villages and rural areas, including in places like Headcorn.

I know there is more to do, and I will continue to monitor the situation carefully.

The police have reminded people to call 999 in the event of witnessing a crime in action, or 101 after the event.

If you have a particular problem you would like to raise with me then get in contact on 0207 219 6472 or at