An update on the Faversham Swing Bridge campaign

The campaign to restore Faversham’s Creek Bridge is swinging into action.

Having spoken to Kent County Council leader, Paul Carter, I'm pleased to provide an update on where things stand.

Significant work has been done on estimating the costs of the project, which put the total costs somewhere between £2.5-£3 million. Funds from local government and donations have raised just over £1.5 million – which is great – but it still leaves us around £1 million short. KCC is exploring options for further funding.

An inspection of the bridge is due to take place in the next six to eight weeks. This will involve investigation of the bridge deck, supporting structures and moving parts. After this, we will be able to assess whether restoration is the best option or commissioning a new bridge.

Investigations are continuing into ownership and liabilities, and working out who will be responsible for future maintenance and repair work of the bridge.

Whilst Paul Carter is stepping down as Council leader, he has pledged to spend more time on the project to see it through to completion – which is great news.