Turtle doves making a comeback in Kent

The decline in the number of turtle doves in recent years is shocking, but it is great to see they are making a comeback in Kent.

I recently visited Gaskains farm in Selling along with the RSPB to see the work being done to give these songbirds a helping hand. It’s amazing what can be achieved by encouraging wild flowers in field corners and providing extra seed at crucial times of the year. Its a great example of farming and conservation working hand in hand.

I am extremely proud that Faversham and Mid Kent is one of the few places in the country where these iconic songbirds can still be found, and thanks to the work of local farmers they will hopefully become a common sight in our countryside once again.

Local people can get involved in supporting the recovery of turtle doves by encouraging wild flowers in their gardens or putting out bird seed. For more information check out Operation Turtle Dove or the RSPB.