Temporary creek bridge brings relief to Town

It’s a huge relief to have the temporary bridge in place over Faversham creek. People and cars can now cross the creek once again.

I know it’s been tough for people and businesses around the creek since the old bridge closed last year, so it was great to formally open the bridge last Friday (24 January).

A huge thank you to everyone involved in helping to get this crossing up and running. It’s taken long days and weekend work, which I know has been appreciated by people in the town. This has been a real team effort, involving people from the Town and County Councils along with local campaigners led by the Faversham Creek Trust.

Whilst this temporary bridge is good news, clearly this is not a long-term solution. We need a functioning bridge across the creek once again – to allow people and cars to cross and boats to pass through. I’m working hard to make this happen, and have had some productive conversations recently with Peel Ports and KCC.

A new bridge is vital for reviving the creek and restoring pride in Faversham as an ancient town and port.