Talking politics with A-Level students from QE Grammar School

I visited Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School on 27 September to talk to sixth form politics students about life as an MP and what's going on in Westminster at the moment. 

It’s always a pleasure visiting the school and great to meet a class of students so interested in politics – clearly helped by a fantastic teacher, who’s passionate about the subject. There were some very timely questions about whether MPs should be delegates or representatives, how you get stuff done in Parliament, and if the conventions of the House of Commons help or hinder debate. Good questions to think about.

I worry that today’s school leavers will be put off politics because of the anger and unpleasantness at the moment. I hope I was able to give them an idea of the good work that goes on in Westminster but doesn’t make the headlines – and I’m always keen to hear their views. It’s their future which will be decided by today’s decisions in Parliament.