Statement on the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus outbreak is the biggest public health emergency in a generation.

The Government has been clear that our number one priority is to protect life, and that our decisions will be based on the best available science. The Coronavirus demands dramatic action and we are working tirelessly, in partnership with local councils, businesses, charities and other organisations, to ensure that people have the support they need.

The situation is however moving extremely quickly. New and updated guidance will continue to be issued in the coming days and weeks. I have a dedicated page on my website where you can find the latest news/advice:

Please be assured that I will be continuing to work hard both locally and in Parliament to do everything I possibly can to protect and support people, particularly those who are most vulnerable and at risk. I would also strongly urge everyone to follow the advice issued by Government as we all have a vital part to play in battling the Coronavirus.

Our response to the virus requires a national effort. We need to come together and look out for each other - particularly the most vulnerable in society – to get through this challenging time.