Setting up a Lorry Watch scheme in your area

Too many communities are still blighted by lorries thundering through villages and narrow roads.

This is a serious problem – HGVs using unsuitable roads is putting people at risk.

There are certain roads, like the B2163 through Leeds, where there are daily reports of the 17-tonne limit being ignored by lorry drivers. This hugely frustrating for residents and businesses, as well as putting other motorists at risk and making it dangerous to walk or cycle through the village.

Some places have seen an improvement with better signs and reporting of incidents, but it’s clear more work is needed to get lorries off our roads.

More communities are setting up Lorry Watch schemes to record details of lorries that are suspected of using unsuitable roads or not sticking to the limits and restrictions. Lorry Watch is a scheme set up by Kent County Council, but run by local residents. More information can be found here.

Information from Lorry Watch schemes is passed to Kent Police who can find the vehicle’s registered keeper.

If the vehicle is ignoring the legal limits and restrictions, the police contact the company and warn them that if they continue it may result in formal action.

This might be something to try in your area. We can all play our part to make our roads safer.

*Photo taken before social distancing measures introduced