£5,000 for every secondary school pupil

I’m pleased the Schools Minister has listened to my request for extra funding for Kent schools.

Every secondary school in Faversham and Mid Kent will now be guaranteed at least £5,000 per pupil with every primary school pupil getting at least £3,750 from central funds.

Pupil spending is due to hit £50 million in Faversham and Mid Kent next year under allocations set out by the Department for Education.

This is really good news for schools in Kent, which have for years received less money than schools in other areas.

We have many excellent and good schools in our area, but it has been hard for those schools to maintain the standard of education they are offering because of the way they are funded nationally.

That’s why this announcement is so exciting for Kent – it means that every school will be guaranteed a minimum funding level, no matter whether it’s a grammar, academy or church school.

So, we’re not just getting more money for our schools, we are also getting a fairer funding system. This is another step to making sure every child achieves their potential.