People in Park Wood are struggling to get GP appointments

I asked the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock MP, what he is doing to make sure people in Park Wood can see the right health professional when they need to.

I asked: "In parts of my constituency, it is very difficult for people to see their GP. For example, in the area of Park Wood there is just one GP for 4,000 patients. I welcome the extra money going into primary care that my right hon. Friend just mentioned, as well as the additional GP training places and the fact that a Kent medical school is coming our way, but we need more nurses, physios and other health professionals in primary care. What is he doing to ensure that people can see the right health professional when they need to do so?"

The Health Secretary replied: "This is an incredibly important agenda that is close to my heart. It is at the core of the prevention of ill health to ensure that we have the right primary care services. Yes, that includes more GPs, but it also includes more of the other health professionals who support them. We have 1,000 extra non-GP clinical staff already working in general practice compared with just two years ago, but there is much more to do."