A new CT scanner for Canterbury Hospital

It's great news that Canterbury Hospital is getting a new CT scanner.

The inclusion of Canterbury as one of the hospitals to benefit from £200 million of investment in diagnostic equipment, will help improve cancer care in Kent.

Confronting a cancer diagnosis is one of the hardest things imaginable. If you’re being treated at Canterbury hospital in future, you’ll know that doctors are using state of the art technology to diagnose your condition and monitor treatment.

This is part of the Government’s plan to ensure 55,000 more people survive cancer each year.

The Kent Medical School will be training more home-grown doctors from next year and this announcement means they will have the best possible equipment with which to treat patients.

The new CT scanner is a positive step to improving healthcare in our area, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that Canterbury needs a new hospital. I will continue to press for investment in the NHS in East Kent.