MPs must come together so we can get on with Brexit

The constituency and the country voted to Leave and I have been supporting the Prime Minister to get on with the job of taking us out of the EU. The negotiations have been difficult – which we always knew they were going to be. The deal the Prime Minister has struck with the EU respects the referendum result by taking the UK out of the EU’s institutions like the single market and customs union while safeguarding jobs and the economy. It sets out strong foundations for a future trading relationship, and it protects citizens’ rights in the UK and in the EU.

I do have concerns about the backstop and the financial settlement, but I decided that overall the deal was the best way to move forwards with leaving the EU. This is why I voted for the deal. I’m disappointed that it didn’t get through because so many people have told me that they also want the country to move forwards, but instead, Parliament is stuck.

After the vote, people on both sides of the argument were celebrating – those who want a second referendum which they believe would go ‘Remain’ and people who want a no deal Brexit. The fact is there’s no way both of those things can happen.

It is much easier to be against things than for them, but that doesn’t get us anywhere. Now I want to see MPs come together and rally around a workable Brexit deal, so that we can get on with it. This is the responsibility of every MP for their constituency and their country.