More money for social care in Kent

An extra £1.6 billion is being provided by the Government to local authorities to help them respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

Councils and volunteer groups are playing a crucial role in our response to the coronavirus.

This latest announcement, combined with funds provided last month, means Kent County Council will receive an additional £66.9 million from the Government. This money will help the Council support our community and deliver vital services through this challenging time.

The majority of this funding will be spent on social care services in Kent, which I know are under huge pressure. People who work in social care do an amazing job. We’re committed to providing adults and children who need care, and the people who look after them, with all the support they need.

I’m pleased that borough councils are also getting a share of this extra funding in recognition of the pressure on their services. An additional £1.8 million is being provided to Maidstone Council and Swale Council is due to receive an extra £1.6 million.

The Government has also announced that businesses in Swale and Maidstone have been allocated over £60 million to help get them through this difficult time.