Make broadband accessible for all

I back the the Government's plans to put access to broadband on the same legal footing as other essential services like water and electricity. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport ran a consultation asking for people's views on how this policy will work which I responded to. You can read my full response here.

As part of these plans, every premises will be eligible for a free connection to broadband as long as the cost is less than a fixed threshold. I want to see this threshold high enough to make it a rarity not to have broadband, even in rural areas like the North Downs.

Reliable broadband access is more and more important in an increasingly digital world. It gives more work opportunities and flexibility as people can choose to work at home. Farmers also have to complete a large volume of paperwork online, though all too often they struggle to get connected.

I look forward to the Government's response to the consultation so that we can benefit from better access to broadband.


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