Lenham Heath decision rides roughshod over local views

It’s hugely disappointing that Maidstone Council has chosen to ignore people’s concerns and endorse plans for a ‘garden village’ at Lenham Heath.

The decision by Maidstone's Policy and Resources Committee rides roughshod over local views.

My survey on the development found that 96% of respondents though Lenham Heath was the wrong place to build 5,000 new homes. It would destroy a beautiful area of farmland at the foot of the North Downs and put huge pressure on local roads and services.

I wrote to member of the committee to express my concerns about the development. I’m grateful to those councillors who decided to vote against the proposal at the meeting on 29 April.

We need to reduce traffic on our roads and build homes nearer to local jobs – this development will not deliver either of these objectives. It risks becoming a London commuter village, which is not what local people need or want.

The proposal for a Council-led 'garden village' at Lenham Heath will now be considered for inclusion in Maidstone's revised Local Plan later this year.

I’ll continue to work with the parish council and the Save Our Heath Lands campaign to fight this development every step of the way.