It’s time to finally get lifts at Headcorn station

People have waited long enough for lifts at Headcorn station. It’s a busy station and the steps pose a real challenge for many people.

I’ve called for Headcorn to be included in the list of stations receiving funds from the Government’s Access for All programme.

The Government will shortly be announcing the stations which will benefit from a share of £20 million investment for accessibility improvements, including new lifts. I want to see Headcorn on this list.

Accessing London bound services from Headcorn station currently involves climbing and descending a steep flight of steps either side of the platform. 

Wheelchair users and others with mobility problems, parents with pushchairs and those with heavy luggage are often forced to travel to Staplehurst or Ashford stations in order to travel in the direction of London, at their own inconvenience and additional cost. This is completely unacceptable.

I’ve lobbied before for lifts at Headcorn station without success – but this is a new £20 million fund released by the Government and I’m hopeful this time we’ll be able to secure much needs funds to make this improvement happen.