Illegally parked lorries to be clamped and fined

Kent County Council and Ashford Borough Council are clamping down on illegally parked HGVs, following my campaign for a ban on fly-parking.

The new scheme being launched today will allow authorities to clamp and fine drivers, for first time offences.

Although a ban on lorry parking has been in place at Orbital Park and the Ashford Business Park in Sevington since 2004, it was difficult to collect fines from foreign registered HGVs.

Kent County Council cabinet member for transport Matthew Balfour said: “Under this new scheme we can clamp lorries that are flouting the ban, fine them and charge them to remove the clamp.

“I’m delighted that we have been able to work together to get this scheme up and running and help stamp out an issue that is affecting residents' lives.

“The order will not allow any overnight parking of HGVs along the A20 between and including Charing and the Drovers Roundabout and this will extend for some distance along adjoining roads to stop HGVs simply moving further on.”

I hope this scheme is a success and that it can be rolled out across Kent as soon as possible.

The No Parking zones are:

• The A20 between Charing and Ashford

• Wotton Road

• Ellingham Industrial Estate

• The Orbital Park, Sevington

• Ashford Business Park, Sevington

Clamping will operate between 8pm and 7am Monday to Friday and 24 hours Saturday and Sunday on the industrial estates.