How long do you have to wait to see your GP?

People often tell me they have to wait ages to see a GP, and I have been shocked to hear stories about people queuing outside their surgery to get an appointment. This is simply not good enough.

I know many practices have made huge efforts to improve their services and I have benefited from this myself. More money is being invested in the NHS and surgeries are coming up with creative ways to ensure people receive the right health care – whether that is a physio, pharmacist, or nurse – when they need it.

Each surgery is different and everyone has different needs. For example, if you have a long term or complex medical condition, then you want to see the same GP each time. But if you have a less serious condition you might be able to see a nurse instead. That’s why I’ve launched this survey to find out more about your experiences at your local surgery. Please take the time to visit my website and tell me your views so I can help improve healthcare in our area.

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How often do you visit your GP surgery?
How do you travel to the surgery?
How long do you have to travel to get to the surgery?
Where 1 is very easy and 4 is very difficult, is the surgery building easy to get around?
Where 1 is very happy and 4 is very unhappy, how happy are you with the facilities at the surgery e.g. parking, building, toilets and waiting area?
Where 1 is very easy and 4 is very difficult, how easy is it to book an appointment?
How long does it take to get an appointment with a GP at your surgery?
Have you visited A&E in the past year because you were unable to get an appointment for yourself or a family member?
Please select your age category:
Do you have a disability?
Do you have children who use the surgery?