Helen pledges support for local carers

Helen pledged her support to carers across Faversham & Mid Kent as part of last week’s national Carers Week 2015 awareness campaign.

The campaign called for more to be done to support the 6.5 million carers across the UK and to highlight the challenges they face. The support for carers across the UK is varied. Without the right help and support, caring can have a devastating impact – carers can quickly become isolated, with their physical and emotional health, work and finances all hit hard.

Helen agreed:

“For years, the importance of carers in society has been overlooked. Events like Carers Week play a valuable role in raising awareness. Carers need support themselves, yet sometimes don’t know who to turn to. Organisations like Carers UK and Age UK are stepping up to meet his need. I am supporting Carers Week to encourage everyone to think more about the needs of carers and encouraging local carers to get in touch with me, particularly if they would like my help with anything.”

Carers Week Manager Diana Walles said:

“It’s fantastic to see MPs supporting carers. Families are increasingly taking on caring roles for older, ill or disabled loved ones, yet still struggle for recognition and support from health and care services and in their communities.

Much progress has been made – indeed, over 1,000 people and organisations have already pledged to actively engage with carers in their local community for Carers Week and into the future. But we still have a long way to go. This Carers Week, we’re calling on individuals and organisations to think about what they can do to improve the lives of carers in their community.”