Give a hand on the land

This year we need more British people to help bring home the harvest.

Kent produces some of the best fruit and vegetables around, but farms require thousands of seasonal workers to pick crops in our fields and orchards.

In recent years, much of this labour has come from abroad but the coronavirus outbreak has meant many people are unable or unwilling to travel to the UK to work.

It's crucial that farms keep up the supply of fresh fruit and veg to supermarkets and local shops, so we need more British people to step up and work on farms this season.

This is paid work and a great way to help during the coronavirus outbreak by providing food for the nation.

The Government is working with the NFU and other groups to make recruitment easier and help match interested workers with employers. We’ve recently published guidance to furloughed workers about additional employment and there is also guidance available to people under 18 about seeking work. More information can be found on the 'Pick for Britain' website here.

To apply for a position near you, have a look at the links below:

or search “Kent's Land Army” on Facebook where jobs are being advertised.