Getting creative in Faversham

I visited artists taking part in East Kent Artists’ Open Houses this year.

It was great to see 17 houses and studios in Faversham taking part in this year’s event, creating a separate ‘Faversham trail’ for people to explore.

We have so many talented artists in Faversham. The medieval streets, beautiful countryside and ever-changing coast and creek provide plenty of inspiration.

I had a tour of the Painting Studios and Lower Gallery at Creek Creative in Faversham on Saturday 26 October, where several local artists were displaying work. It’s amazing to see what local artists are creating – from felt shells to bumble bee print cushions – even when working from small studio spaces or from home.

This is the 19th year that East Kent Artists’ Open Houses has taken place. Over 200 artists spread over 70 houses and studios took part – more than any previous year.

As Arts Minister, I want to encourage even more people - particularly children - to get involved with art and have the chance to create things. With so many artists right on our doorstep, Faversham is a great place explore your creative side.