Get ready for 20mph in Faversham

This week the first signs and road markings started appearing in Faversham as a town-wide 20mph zone comes into force.

The scheme was approved by Kent County Council earlier in the summer following a successful bid for funding from the Government’s Active Travel Fund.

Campaigners from 20’s Plenty for Faversham have been leading calls for a lower speed limit for many years, and I’m pleased it is finally becoming a reality.

There are benefits for everyone from a lower speed limit - safer roads, cleaner air, and better quality of life.

It will take around a month to put up all the signs and road markings around the town, so for the next few weeks Faversham will be a mix of 20mph and 30mph streets. Make sure you pay attention to the signs and drive to the speed limit on the street you are on. Works are due to be completed by mid-September.

This is only a trial scheme, and it will be reviewed to see what impact it is having on the town.

It’s up to everyone to help make the scheme a success by keeping to the speed limit.

This is an exciting moment to help make Faversham a greener town.