Fly-tipping fears as people in Bredhurst, Walderslade Woods and Lordswood barred from using Medway dumps

People living in Bredhurst, Walderslade Woods and Lordswood are facing a 13-mile round trip to get rid of their rubbish, after Medway Council announced plans to bar non-residents from using its dumps.

From June 3rd, anyone dropping off junk at Capstone refuse centre will have to show ID to prove they pay council tax in Medway. This means those living just over the borough boundary in Maidstone will have to use Tovil tip, which now charges to dispose of some items.

I have written to the leaders of Medway and Kent County Council, explaining that there's a risk we'll see an increase in fly-tipping as a result - with tax-payers footing the clean-up bill. I've asked the councils to reintroduce the reciprocal arrangements that were working so well.


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