Flexible train fares needed more than ever

A change to the season ticket model is long overdue.

I’ve joined other Kent MPs in calling on Southeastern to introduce flexible season tickets. This would make a huge difference to people who get the train to work.

Great Western Railways has introduced a new “three days in seven” season ticket and another ticket that allows travel on any 12 days in a month. We need something similar here in Kent, including for those who use HS1.

Even before coronavirus, fewer commuters were travelling to work five days a week. The current season ticket works for some people, but it’s increasingly outdated as more people work flexibly.

More of us have had to work from home during coronavirus. While some people are keen to get back in the office, others have appreciated spending less time commuting and a better work/life balance.

As we get back to some degree of normal life, flexible working is one way to help maintain social distancing on public transport and workplaces.

I’ve previously called for flexible ticketing to be introduced, but it’s clear this is needed more than ever.

I hope Southeastern will listen to Kent MPs and use this moment to introduce fairer fares.


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