Closure of Kingsfield Care Home is deeply worrying

Families with relatives living in Kingsfield Care Home, Faversham, are very worried. Some people have been in the home for many years and have friends there who they rely on. Others fear they might be separated from relatives when they are moved. Some residents have dementia and will find a move incredibly disorientating and difficult.

I’m deeply worried about the closure of Kingsfield. Moving frail, elderly people into new accommodation can be very traumatic and carries serious health risks.

Around 50 residents were told they had just 28 days to move out of the home after structural problems with the building were discovered. 

Coming so soon after the loss of Kiln Court, it surely means we will have a shortage of nursing care provision locally. And as well as the upheaval for residents, it must mean great uncertainty for staff.

I’ve written to Care UK, which runs Kingsfield, to get some answers. I have also asked Kent County Council what they are doing to help. If Kingsfield has to close it’s vital that proper support and the right alternatives are in place for the residents.